About Ecommerce and Virtual Businesses

By now, it's no secret that more and more business takes place online. With big e-trailers like Amazon dominating the market and commanding more consumer dollars than their offline counterparts, other businesses would be foolish to ignore this growing segment.

As we say around here: virtual business equals real dollars.

For companies that haven't taken the e-plunge yet, HomeDecShow.com is a great entry point. We offer a safe way to explore the online world with low risk and high potential rewards. On this page, we'll discuss some case studies of businesses that have become known for the innovative ways they've taken their business online.

First, we'll discuss Digital Trends. If you think a publication or news outlet has to put out a physical product on paper, you'd be wrong. Digital Trends is a well-respected news source for the latest tech-related topics. Their revenue comes from a mix of traditional advertising and other activities, but instead of enticing advertisers through their circulation numbers, they count their readership in terms of impressions, clicks, and other trackable metrics. The power of the internet, folks!

Second, we'll look at a more direct eCommerce example. Orchard is a company dedicated to buying and selling used iPhones. They have an online store set up where customers can go and buy gently used cell phones at a fraction of what they cost new, these unlocked iPhone 5S for sale are a great example. How do they get inventory for this store? Well they developed an app that allows people to sell their iPhone to them. We love this innovative blend of web-based and app-based customer experiences. As far as marketplaces go, Orchard is a shining example.

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Mitch Buchwalter and the HomeDecShow Team